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You will already know these basic guidelines and no doubt be amusing for you but the more courteous you are, the easier it is for the escort to create a sensual, memorable encouter.

The golden rule when hiring a Latina escort in the Bahamas,  is to treat her with respect.

Even if you make some mistakes in the etiquette, as long as you’re respectful at all times, you shouldn’t have any major issues.


Paradoxically, the only woman whose words faithfully reflect her thoughts is the escort.

Try to remember this almost metaphysical philosophy and understand that, at least in her case... NO means NO.


While tipping is not a necessity, it does not hurt to make a lady’s day by giving her a generous tip if you feel that she has gone all the way to satisfy your needs.

Perhaps, she will remember you more fondly and it will motivate her to provide you an even better service next time.

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